Horizons [2019/20]

The Face Dancer
HORIZONS [2019/20]
Horizons is a collaborative, site-specific, screen-dance project in three parts. Set against a backdrop of coastlines throughout The East Neuk of Fife, Eilidh Ellery’s Adaptive-Contemporary “Face Dancing”, to music composed by Emily Frances Ippolito is captured by photographer and film-maker Eric Robinson.
Part 1: The Face Dancer [2019]
“The Face Dancer” Triptych Portrait by Eric Robinson of Eilidh dancing to a playlist inspired largely by Hiroshi Sugimoto’s “Seascapes”. It was selected for the Scottish Portrait Awards 2019 Exhibition and Catalogue, appearing at:

Edinburgh, Scottish Arts Club, Saturday 2 to Saturday 30 November 2019

Glasgow, Glasgow Art Club, from Thursday 16 January to Saturday 15 February 2020

Kirkcudbright, Kirkcudbright Galleries, Saturday 14 March to Sunday 24 May 2020

It is also part of the SPA Directory of Contemporary Scottish Portraiture Collection.

Sketchbook & more information coming in 2020…

Part 2: Horizons [2019/20]
Horizons is a short screen-dance film directed, filmed and edited by Eric Robinson; with music by Emily Ippolito; choreography and performance by Eilidh Ellery. More information coming in 2020…
Part 3: One Step At A Time [2019/20]
One Step at a Time is a piece of music composed by Emily Ippolito. More information coming in 2020…
1. Featured Image: The Face Dancer by Eric Robinson.
[IMAGE: 3 black and white photos, divided by black lines, of Eilidh wearing an oversized white t-shirt, black leggings and blue kneepads, barefoot and hair pulled back in a messy bun. Seated in Rollie the Rollator (a black and grey Drive Medical Nitro Rollator), Eilidh is against a backdrop of a cloudy sky, incoming tide and wet sand. In all 3 images, Eilidh’s face is turned to the right, mouth open wide, eye scrunched closed in an expression of pain, left hand touching face with elbow bent; toes pointed in the sand with knees apart. In image 1, her right hand is spread open away from her body; image 2 it’s bent up, palm to sky; image 3, she has pushed her forehead back with the flat of her hand.]